PissJapanTV pjt_25308_2-def-1 PISSY POOL PARADE

PissJapanTV pjt_25308_2-def-1 PISSY POOL PARADE

The pool of peepee stands in the middle of a small room and full-bladdered girls are offered it when they need to hike their skirts and spurt a hot stream. A slim girl in green sweater seems nervous to see the cute little pool for her to piss into. Her need to pee wins out, so she stands next to it and aims her stream over the edge of the pool.
The pale bottom of the kiddie pool takes on a golden hue as the puddle of girl piss begins to fill it. A silly lass in a military green dress yanks up the hem amd squats to let her bladder fill things up even more. Relieved, she squats down and marvels at how much piss it has collected by girl number 21. The next lady in black and white doesn’t know whether to laugh or wrinkle her nose as the fragrant pool dominates the room. The call of nature takes precedence and she adds another quart to the yellow depths.

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