PissJapanTV pjt25307_5-def-1 WET DAY, WET UNDIES

PissJapanTV pjt25307_5-def-1 WET DAY, WET UNDIES

It’s a soggy, foggy day and the street is quiet. Walking through a park lane our latest lady lifts her skirt above the waistband and displays her soft gray undies. When it starts raining it’s almost a shame, since we are robbed of seeing the distinctive wet puddle and hearing a splash when her peepee hits dry pavement. At least we can admire the closeup of her soaked rear end and the dark splotch between her legs. She gingerly ambles down a rainy street. She squats in an underpass and aims a stream into a roadside grate. Now the dark yellow piss clearly soaks her thighs and butt.
Next, a co-ed takes advantage of the clearing sun to proudly parade down a back alley lane, her beige undies pulled tight across her round firm ass. A bit pee-shy, she checks for onlookers in all directions before a piss splash runs down her legs and splatters the pavement. Now her rump and crotch are drenched and soaked through and she smiles and giggles for the camera.

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