PissJapanTV pjt25307_8-def-1 SMILES AND SOAKED PANTIES

A young lovely has on her starched white cotton panties under her checked skirt, and agreed to let us film her walking down outdoor hallways with skirt pulled up. Her frilly undies are quite fetching, too bad she’s gonna get them wet and pee-stained! She smiles radiantly and gives a little giggle before she lets loose with a hot steamy stream of peepee on the stairs. By the time she reaches the top her undies are soaked through and her smooth pretty legs are sparkling with drops of urine.
Next, a sullen girl surprises us when she lifts her skirt to show off a lacy set of panties that read “honey trap” with a big lipstick kiss across the buttocks. Her tight little rear jiggles with every step while she passes through a fenced alley. The camera catches every movement of her tight buns as she climbs the stairs, then OOPSie as she drizzles hot juicy pee down her legs and totally drenches her underpants. The soaked spot spreads as she walks and makes them almost transparent. It’s a wowee look at a pretty girl and her peepee.

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