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Cutoffs and short shorts are comfy, but not so practical when your pussy is spraying out hot steaming piss. That’s what a girl in gray shorts finds out when she leaves a huge soaked patch in the seat of her pants. Squatting down, it drizzles then spurts out into the toilet but what can she do now that her legs and rump are SOAKED? She carefully lowers the shorts and matching gray panties beneath and blots the glistening hair of her bush. Another wad of tissue cleans up her legs. She smartly wraps a dark sweater around her waist so she can make it home unashamed.
A young lady in black top and cream colored skirt pisses her black panties, and has to roll them up and toss them. Fortunately her skirt is long, so she’s safe from embarrassment (unless a little breeze billows up and shows off her moist fuzzy pussy to the world, haha!)

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