PissJapanTV pjt_20592-8-def-1 CAN’T STOP THE GOLDEN FLOW

A shy, silly babe in blue jumper and high black stockings laughs when she hears the deal. This pretty Asian woman strips to yellow panties and bra, holding her flat belly and squeezing her legs together. She crouches a bit as though she’s having piss cramps, tottering back and forth in high heels. She holds back laughter, but can’t hold back a stream of peepee much longer. Backed into the backdrop, she groans for real. It’s time to let loose.

She rushes to the little plastic container on the floor and yanks down her nice panties. A big hard stream of piss shoots our of her furry pussy. Embarrassed, she pulls the panties up without even blotting her wet little snatch. Gingerly she hoists the filled container as the camera zooms in to inspect. Her panties are wet at the crotch now, as we plainly see when she turns around.

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