PissJapanTV pjt_24748-3-def-1 PUDDLES ON THE PAVEMENT

Another day, another dozen pissing pretties. This voyeur-caught compendium shows the gorgeous ladies of Japan having to make do when there’s nowhere private to peepee. Pretty office clerks, hot sporty lasses with shaved snatches, seductive shoppers, innocent schoolgirls, all have to spread their feet, squat down and let the pee come streaming out.

These lovelies aren’t just darkening the pavement with a hot wet splash. Big spreading puddles of steamy piss stream out on the sidewalks and floors of Tokyo’s teeming streets. They’d gladly sit on a toilet and let their peepee splash into the bowl, but desperation drives them to shamefully yanking down their panties just in time to let each wet drizzle turn into a firehose torrent of fragrant ladypiss straight from a soaking wet pussy.

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