PissJapanTV pjt_20592-5-def-1 CURVY GIRL, GOLDEN SPLASH

A very pretty Japanese woman with soft round curves stands before the blue backdrop, gingerly drops her tights to display lacy white panties. Flashing a wide happy smile, she poses standing and sitting. When she hears what the next part of the shoot is, she fidgets and pulls up her blousy black top to her waist.

Hands moving to her crotch, she grimaces a bit, then signals it’s time as a dark wet stain spreads down her legs. She squats and sprays though her tights, smiling shyly. As the plastic container fills up, she covers her face with her fingers, then turns for the camera to close in on her pretty rump and drenched gray tights. She holds the piss container for the camera with a quizzical expression.

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