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A long-haired Asian beauty is stressed out from her workday, and stops into a nearby restroom to get her rest by way of a curious finger up her coochie. When she leans back to reach into her private poon, our camera is just our of sight, peering up at her gorgeous pussy from under the toilet seat. She’s a rubber, loves to run all her fingers back and forth, forward and back over the hard little nubbin of her clit.

Proper even in her private stall, she hesitates at first to go deep. She keeps her hand pressed firmly against her crotch but on the outside of her soft silky panties. Finally, propriety be damned! She pulls down her undies and pops a middle finger deep into her love tunnel. From our perfect vantage, we can see the thrill running up to her twitching anus as she clenches her firm round cheeks together. She’s an expert in self-love and this Japanese co-ed is definitely one to watch!

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